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Stop, Pray, Receive
4/6/2019 3:53:00 PM by: Pastor Charlie

In Oct of 2011, we bought a building that was in need of much repair and remodeling. Before we even considered undertaking such a large task we prayed. When I say “we” I mean the Church. “Lord is this where you want us to be?”

Overwhelming responses from the church was yes! So we started the process. Every bank in Kenosha said no to a mortgage. But God had other plans.

We bought the building and with the help of many, we were able to remodel it for only material costs. Then came the task of getting a new roof and painting the building. Both of these tasks had to wait until Aug 2013. Once again, God led us right where we needed to be. Again with the help of many, the building was painted for just the cost of materials.

We get in such a hurry sometimes that we don't let God lead us. We think we have a better idea. We don't. If you're in a struggle right now, if it seems the odds are against you, stop. Just stop and sit. I know it's hard but sometimes we rush so fast we don't see what God has in place for us.

The building we are in has been here for decades and has been many different things, but now this building belongs to God and He had plans for it, just like He does for you. Trust in the Lord God, with everything, and I promise you this: it will never be a mistake to do so.

Grace and Peace!

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Pastor Charlie

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