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Charlie Cheeks
1/21/2019 10:35:00 PM by: HSCC




I was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Waukegan, Illinois. I found the Lord in Libertyville Illinois then moved to Kenosha. I had a normal life through childhood. In the summertime, we would take vacations and go East to visit relatives. 

I was in my early thirties when I moved to Libertyville I got a job and my first home. This is where I found the Lord. However, I was single and my life consisted around work and drinking at bars. The house was old, had bad plumbing; I was drinking a lot and I also had bad plumbing. In the process of repairing the house, the Lord got my attention when He put his cross on my ceiling. I was watching Channel 38 Christian broadcasting station that just got started out of Chicago. I made a phone call, repented all my sins, and started attending a local church. Shortly after that, my brother called and wanted me to come to visit him, his family, and our dad in Des Moines. I told him no a couple of times because there was bitterness towards my dad not being around while I was growing up. However, God had different plans. 

When I got to Des Moines, I met up with my dad, brother, and his family. We had breakfast, I got to see where he worked, then we went back to the house to talk. My dad shared things with me I didn’t know about because at the time I was about 2-4 years old. He mentioned that my grandfather baptized me when I was an infant. When it was my turn to talk, I let him know I was aware of that as my mom had given me papers to prove it. I told him what that baptism was all about and that it didn’t do anything for me, and it was a responsibility to him and mom to commit to raising me right. My next question to him was, “where were you?” Then I told him I was saved. He said he was sorry. I told him if I wanted my sins forgiven by God, I had to forgive him. I chose to do so. 

You could sense the Spirit take over and the anger left for good. 

Since then I have retired and moved. No more drinking or smoking 




Charlie Cheeks
1/21/2019 10:35:00 PM  by: HSCC